About the UWSS

The Urban Wildlife Stewardship Society (UWSS) is a new citizen-led organization formed following the 2015 lethal deer cull in the municipality of Oak Bay, part of greater Victoria, B.C., Canada.

The UWSS consists of deer biologists, educators, professional communicators, retired senior public servants and working professionals, mostly from Oak Bay. We believe there are effective and sustainable, non-lethal solutions to human-deer conflicts in Oak Bay, the CRD, and other urban areas.

A humane solution to the human-deer conflict

Our immediate objective is to implement an immunocontraceptive program to steward the deer population in Oak Bay in a proper way. Read the FAQs to learn more about this.

We will also conduct a scientific deer count and work with local governments and other organizations to build public awareness on how to co-exist with urban deer.


To achieve our objectives, we’re seeking financial support from citizens in Oak Bay, the CRD and beyond.

The funds will cover the costs of the immunocontraceptive program, including the vaccine, permits, equipment, and salaries.

Be part of innovative leadership

We have the range of skills and experience to implement this science-based approach to the stewardship of urban deer.

In contrast to a cull, our activities will be community-building by engaging citizens and implementing ethical and humane solutions in a transparent and accountable way.

This is an opportunity for Oak Bay and the CRD to be innovative leaders on an issue faced by other urban centres across North America.

The UWSS is a registered non-profit society. The missing element to make this happen is you!