Statements of support

The strong support of established colleagues and allies brings us great joy and strength to undertake this program. If your organization would like to formally state your support for the efforts of Deer Plan Oak Bay, please contact us.

“The Victoria Humane Society fully supports the goals and work of the Urban Wildlife Stewardship Society and their Deer Plan Oak Bay campaign. Promoting public education, encouraging speed reduction and enforcement, and stabilizing the urban deer population through immunocontraception is an ethical and humane approach to wildlife management. We hope Victoria and other municipalities will follow their lead.”

– Victoria Humane Society

“The UWSS is using a scientific, evidence-based approach to deer management. Their commitment to finding a humane and socially acceptable solution to urban wildlife conflicts includes a scientific count, involving and engaging the community, and a goal of working co-operatively with local governments to implement conflict reduction programs such as public education and speed reduction and enforcement, has our full support.”

– BC Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BC SPCA)

“We applaud this citizen’s group for demonstrating initiative and leadership and we support their goals. Black-tailed deer are part of the Capital Regional District landscape. They have learned to survive in close proximity to area residents. This results in human deer interactions. Some, such as deer car collisions need to be addressed in an effective manner. To date the approach in urban environments in BC has been to try to reduce the deer population by killing them. Lethal management is outdated, ineffective and cruel and cause divisions within communities. Municipalities and the provincial government should mandate non-lethal alternatives as a way to reduce urban human deer interactions.”

– Animal Alliance

“Culling not only does not work in the long term or address root cause, it’s often counter-productive, cruel, and very divisive within the community. Born Free supports the goals and objectives of the UWSS.”

– Born Free USA

“Black-tailed mule deer are part of the environment, are in decline in B.C., are attractive to tourists and many residents alike, and there are more humane and cost-effective solutions to concerns about them. We completely support the launch of the Urban Wildlife Stewardship Society”.

– Zoocheck-Canada