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Have you noticed some of the deer in Oak Bay wearing some radio collars like this one? That is because we’re currently doing a two-part study on the population of deer in Oak Bay. The first part of the project is going to give an accurate measure of the population of urban deer in oak bay. This will include analyzing the movement of deer – do they have large home ranges? Do they wander or are they staying in a relatively small area?

The second part of the study will be to assess the effectiveness of using an immuno-contraceptive vaccine as a non-lethal method of population control.

This study is funded by the Province of British Columbia, the Municipality of Oak Bay, and donations from our supporters. Our methods have undergone rigorous review and meet regulations put in place by the Canadian Council on Animal Care and BC Fish and Wildlife. Our project is also endorsed by the BC SPCA.

Have you seen a deer with a collar? We have some FAQs about the collars that you might like to read.


FAQs about collars