We’ve been busy giving immuno-contraception (IC) to the does in Oak Bay. Each doe gets an initial dose, and then a booster a few weeks later. That means that we need to give boosers to the does treated with IC this year (which is about 60 “new” does) and to last year’s IC-treated deer. And good news, we’ve gotten nearly half of the boosters done already! But since the IC vaccination needs to be completed prior to the start of the rut, we need your help finding the does that still need their booster.

The list of does needing boosters can be found here. That list includes the tag number, tag colour and collar colour (if she has a collar), and the general location where she was originally found.

If you spot one of the does listed in the spreadsheet, above, between 7am and 2pm, please call our wildlife veterinarian, Adam, at (250) 880-7263.

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