Our research team collared 4 does already in Oak Bay this week, we’re proud of how efficient our team of scientists are at getting collars on the deer within a very short time!

The does are sedated and assessed through a brief physical exam. They are then fitted with a GPS radio collar that will allow our research team to track their movements. 4 identification tags are also attached to the collar as a quick means of identifying the deer from a distance.

After the radio collar has been attached, our veterinarian administers a reversal to the sedative, and the doe is up on her feet very quickly.  The whole process from the initial sedation to waking up and being on her feet takes approximately half an hour, with no side effects.

With their new collars, a satellite tracking system allows the research team to collect important data on the ecology of urban deer.

These photos are a before and after of the first deer collared!




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