Esquimalt is demonstrating real leadership in deer management and is modeling best practices with the implementation of a public survey developed by an independent scientist/consultant.

It is extremely important that deer management be approached scientifically, methodically, and with rigorous methodology. The survey on deer in Esquimalt is exacting and comprehensive and will provide Esquimalt Council with excellent information and data to inform their next steps.

esquimalt-logo.gifThe survey is a first step in engaging the community as a whole and begins where deer management should – at the beginning.  Next steps could include public education based on information collected from the survey and deer counts to establish population trends and movements. Read the Esquimalt media release.

The UWSS has been very happy to provide logistical support to Esquimalt in the delivery of this survey, with volunteers delivering 1,100 surveys in a random pattern designed by the consultant.

Esquimalt residents are asked to return the survey in the addressed and stamped envelope or drop it off at Esquimalt Municipal Hall. Residents who receive a hard copy also have the option of completing the survey online using the unique designated number in the upper right-hand corner of their survey.

Learn more about the Esquimalt survey in the Victoria News.

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