Several deer mistakenly recently ended up in the heart of busy downtown Winnipeg. Patience, respect and compassion were demonstrated by the conservation officers, police and Winnipeg residents as the city paused to help the young deer find their way down to the riverbank by the Legislature Buildings.

For years, Winnipeg has had many more deer than Oak Bay or Victoria – over 500 carcasses were collected last year, as a result of vehicle-deer collisions and natural causes.  Many of the urban deer in Winnipeg are located in Charleswood, an area with similar features to the Uplands in Oak Bay.

Through a values- based survey conducted by  leading Canadian urban deer/ungulate expert Dr. Erin McCance in 2009, it was determined that despite the large urban deer population, over 70% of Winnipeg residents prefer public awareness as the main method of deer management.

Article: Downtown Winnipeg deer herd rounded up, guided back to river

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