The UWSS expanded on its five-point program for deer management in Oak Bay at a Committee of the Whole meeting on March 21, 2016. The long-term best practices plan includes a values-based survey of Oak Bay residents, which would provide important information on issues and attitudes in the community concerning deer.

It is important to note that this values-based survey has already been developed by independent experts in this field and would be administered and interpreted by independent experts. The UWSS proposed that the survey be run in partnership with the municipality and university scientists. Information from a values-based survey would provide important information that would guide our elected representatives in making informed decisions on deer management.

The UWSS has, from the beginning, advocated for a scientific approach to deer management, and that includes collecting information on the values of the community and the number of deer in our municipality.

For the past year, the UWSS has advocated for and offered assistance with public education, deer counts to estimate population trends, and an immuno-contraception plan that could potentially see a reduction in the birth of fawns as early as spring of 2017.

This is a scientifically sound, fiscally responsible and humane deer management plan and is consistent with provincial advice. Please see our presentation to Council here, including our proposed budget.

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