At the February 9, 2016, Oak Bay Council meeting, Council deferred discussion on their philosophy of deer management in Oak Bay from the February 15 Committee of the Whole Meeting to the March 21 Committee of the Whole. Unfortunately, with the deferral, the opportunity for the municipality to apply for $10,000 from the Interim Provincial Cost-Share Program for Deer Management, have ended for this fiscal year.

The UWSS requested Council maintain discussion of submitting an application to the province for $10,000, specifically for a values-based community attitudes survey, for their February 15 meeting, leaving the rest of our five-point proposal for discussion in March.

An attitudes survey would determine exactly what community concerns are. Such a survey has already been prepared by independent experts and reviewed by our Science Advisory Group.

We believe that a council discussion on deer management in the Oak Bay Community would benefit from scientifically collected and statistically valid data.

Read a comprehensive overview of the 5 point proposal the Urban Wildlife Stewardship Society has prepared.


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