The UWSS has submitted a 5 point comprehensive deer management program to the Mayor and Council of Oak Bay. The proposal was prepared by the UWSS and reviewed by its Science Advisory Group

As a citizen’s group with experts on our board and Science Advisory Group, with a collective and deep knowledge of Oak Bay, we believe we are in a good position to help Oak Bay manage our urban deer issues.

The document meets the “scientifically rigorous” standards of the Province’s urban deer cost-share funding program and fits with recommendations from wildlife biologists, scientists, the province, and the CRD for an effective deer management program.

Unfortunately, we were not made aware of the Provincial Cost-Share Guide until very recently, so the January 8 deadline for applications has passed. However, we understand that the province will consider late applications. We are therefore hopeful that our proposal will be considered at tonight’s (January 25) council meeting where urban deer are on the agenda.

At this time we are requesting $10,000 for up to the end of March (to be matched by the province) to address certain programs within our proposal. Additional funding will be requested for next year’s fiscal budget to address remaining aspects, including immunocontraception.

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