With a change in traffic patterns over the last few years, more frequent vehicle-deer accidents are beginning to occur on some roads in Maple Ridge. As a result, the Urban Wildlife Stewardship Society’s “Caution – Expect Deer” signs are being recommended as a model for small, colourful and eye-catching signage to help prevent such accidents in that community.

The UWSS has just received a new shipment of 200 signs for a total of 500, with requests continuing to come in from homeowners in Oak Bay and other municipalities. The signs alert drivers that they are in an area where deer are known to be, and where accidents may have occurred in the past.

Many residents request the signs out of concern that there will be an accident close to their home, due to the speed of drivers who do not realize they are driving in an area where deer frequently cross the road – often near deer habitat such as golf courses or areas that have nearby parkland such as Anderson Hill or Walbran Park.

Many residents who have signs on their property feel the “Caution” signs are making a difference – while not everyone takes heed, some drivers brake and slow down when they see a sign, or see several in close proximity to each other.

As an article in the Oak Bay News reports, deer are not the only casualties of dark and wet evenings and early mornings.

Remember to slow down, scan ahead and drive safely to avoid an accident – let’s keep our roads safe for humans and animals alike!

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