The UWSS was saddened to learn today that a small dog was killed by a deer in someone’s back yard, near the Oak Bay border. We are waiting to learn the details and hope that such a sad ending won’t happen again. Many of us on the board of the UWSS have dogs and understand how difficult this must be.

Our objective continues to be to reduce deer numbers and to educate the public so that conflict with deer won’t happen.  We cannot – nor do we want – to eliminate all deer from greater Victoria so we must continue to learn to live with them.

If you have deer in your neighbourhood or you live close to deer habitat (parks, golf courses etc.), please check your back yards before letting your dog out, and keep your dog on a leash when out walking.

If you come across deer when walking your dog, cross the street or alter your route, particularly as we get closer to the deer rutting season in October.

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