Well, with September just around the corner, it’s time to provide an update on the progress of the UWSS over a busy summer:


The public sign campaign to urge drivers to slow down and exercise caution at known deer crossings has been very successful. Over 250 signs have now been requested and distributed throughout Greater Victoria, with the majority in Oak Bay. New requests come in every day for signs, and a third print run is being ordered!


The applications for the provincial and federal permits have been submitted and are being reviewed by government officials.

Our Working Group and Science Advisory Group continue to work on the logistics of the pilot project while we wait for the permits to work their way through the government system.


Presentations were made to Oak Bay Municipal Council and the CRD Planning, Transportation and Protections Services Committee with the objectives of applying for funding, as well as seeking opportunities to work effectively together on deer management, including public education, human-deer conflict reduction and our immuno-contraception pilot project.

Oak Bay committed $5,000 to the UWSS with $2500 dependent upon receiving the necessary permits and several CRD Directors encouraged us to submit an application for a grant of $35,000. We present to the CRD Finance Committee on Sept. 2 to that end.


Our volunteer list has grown and we are delighted that we have people offering to do everything from delivering signs and sewing deer-calming covers for the Modified Clover Traps, to using their backgrounds in biology to help with the field work – thank you everyone!


We continue to seek opportunities to explore ways in which we can work together with Oak Bay Council and other municipalities to reduce human-deer conflict and help our communities adapt to sharing space with wildlife;


Please continue to check our website. We will soon be providing effective tips on steps you can take during the fall rutting season so that residents, companion animals and deer all remain safe.

Thanks again to everyone for all of your support!

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