Camosun College has joined the UWSS efforts to educate drivers of the need to SLOW DOWN and DRIVE SAFELY in areas where we know deer cross – 5 “Caution Expect Deer” signs have been placed by Grounds staff on Camosun College property along Foul Bay Road, where many deer cross.

Thank you Camosun College!

It’s hard to miss the many signs that have been placed along Foul Bay, Henderson, Cedar Hill X Road, Lansdowne and Cadboro Bay Road – it has been a concerted and supported effort to reduce the vehicle-deer accidents in this area, and a huge thank you to all that have requested and placed a sign.

We have now distributed over 175 “Caution” signs, with new requests coming in every day!

Along with Oak Bay residents, citizens from other municipalities have also been requesting and placing signs – in particular, in the Rockland and Richardson areas of Victoria, and the Gordon Head and Cordova Bay Road areas of Saanich.

When drivers see these signs, it is an indication that there have likely been vehicle-deer accidents in that location at some point, and it’s important to SLOW DOWN AND SCAN AHEAD, PARTICULARLY AT DAWN AND DUSK, although deer can be out at almost any time of day.

The reality is that there are many deer crossing roads, and at this time of year there are still fawns and very young ones following behind the does, sometimes at a bit of a distance. Please drive slowly and carefully where you see “Caution – Expect Deer” signs, and wherever you know deer move across the streets.

Let’s reduce the number of accidents and keep our streets safe for all.

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