Along with slowing down in areas where deer and fawns are known to be, there are other important things to remember during fawn season. As with all species (including humans), mothers will be very protective of their young, especially if they think their babies may be in danger.

If you are out walking and encounter a doe, it is important to respect her natural instinct to protect her fawns, and to give her lots of space. Cross the street, or turn around and take a different route to your destination.

If you are walking a dog, make sure they are on leash, and keep them close to your side. Dogs, particularly if they bark, are the main reason does become anxious, so again, wide berth is important.

Also check your back yards before letting your dog outside, to ensure a doe or her fawns are not inadvertently startled.

If you come across a fawn, DO NOT TOUCH. Does leave their fawns alone for long periods of time. They come back and check on them, and move them around – in the wild, this protects the fawns from predators.  Read some excellent information on what to do if you find a deer fawn.

Remember to slow down and drive cautiously in known deer areas, and be respectful of the maternal instinct – back away and take a detour.

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