The Urban Wildlife Stewardship Society could not have asked for a better day, or a better reception, at the Oak Bay Tea Party Parade!

Over 350 of our brochures were distributed, describing our new non-profit society, our objectives, and providing information on the need to drive cautiously in areas where we know deer cross the roads.

Almost 500 Deer Plan stickers were handed out, and the neon logo was seen on people all throughout the day at the Tea Party!

Thanks to the hard work of volunteers, the UWSS had an amazing float in the parade – all the materials were scrounged from a variety of sites or donated – this was truly a grassroots, community effort, and the float received thumbs up from the large crowd.

A huge thanks to Garden Works Oak Bay for supplying the flowers and plants, and to the Oak Bay High School environment club for their support!

Our sign campaign to slow down and drive cautiously during fawn season (and beyond) is going well – we have placed 50 signs as of today! If you or someone you know would like a sign to help drivers slow down and watch for does and fawns (and children and pets!) please email

As well, look for our ads in the Wednesday June 10 edition of the Oak Bay News!

Thank you for your support – drive safely.






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