Newborn fawns have been spotted recently, which means soon unsteady little legs will be tentatively setting out to explore the world.  Unfortunately for urban deer, that means crossing busy roads.

When you see a doe crossing the street, slow down and keep your eyes open for one, two or even three fawns to come along after their mom.

When you are driving in areas where deer are known to cross the street, slow down (20 to 30 kmh) and scan the sides of the road ahead, especially in the early morning and evening/nighttime, when deer come out of their resting places to forage.

Be particularly careful where there are cars parked along the side of the road.  Deer step out onto the street between the cars and since their view is blocked, and yours, it is almost impossible to stop in time.

The best way to prevent having a car-deer collision?  Slow down and scan ahead!

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